We are the automatic choice. We specialize in Swing Doors, Sliding Doors, Revolving Doors, Folding Doors and Service Drive-Thru windows. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Our professional installers are fast, efficient, friendly and go through training to ensure we are always up to date with the latest certifications and requirements in the automatic door industry.

Rhinotek Entrance Solutions is dedicated to servicing customer needs by delivering quality service and installation of automatic doors in a professional manner. Rhinotek Entrance Solutions brings more than 25 years of experience to every job with specialized skills in automatic doors with state of the art technology.

Continuing education of all technicians is implemented to keep them up to date on all of the latest technological advances and changes within the industry. This practice enables them to maintain updated certifications and to stay within the requirements and guidelines of the automatic doors industry. Proper methods, skills and tools are necessary to complete professional installation.


Licensed and insured, Rhinotek Entrance Solutions is able to offer service and sales within Ontario. Our employees are always up to date with education or certifications the law may demand they acquire. Rhinotek would also like to assure you that our safety record is impeccable and our customers can rest assured that their own patrons will be safe due to proper usage and safety precautions.


Each and every one of the industrial doors and commercial entrance systems offered by Rhinotek Entrance Solutions will be properly installed with full service.


Rhinotek Solutions fully services these makes: Boon-Edon, Nabco/Eurotech, Tormax, Stanley, LCN/Doro-matic, Besam, Hunter, and Record entry products. Carrying top of the line stock ensures client satisfaction and the safety of customers.


We have established a relationship of complete satisfaction with clients. Each order begins with a quality consultation. Rhinotek Entrance Solutions operates on the motto of strong communication. We believe that in order to have a successful relationship with the client, we must first be attentive to their wants and needs. This consultation will give the client insight on what they need, what’s available and what their position is regarding the benefits of those options. An installation can be expedited much faster when all information and plans are established initially. This prevents a delay of any form due to lack of communication or understanding. The promise of customer satisfaction spans across the board. Regardless if it is a service call or a new installation quote, customer support will always be of the highest regard.


All technicians employed by us are in possession of the AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certification, so clients can know they are getting the best service in the business. Technicians have everything they need when they get to the client’s business for either installation or service, thereby, avoiding extra trips and delays.


Rhinotek Entrance Solutions offers a wide variety of specialty automatic doors as well. Included are automatic service windows, optical laneways, security portals, manual revolving doors and automatic revolving doors. Other specialty automatic doors offered include security revolving doors, security turnstiles and manual service windows. Specialty doors are chosen by businesses who need automatic doors of a different type and nature.


One of the most preferred services we offer is a 24/7 customer service line which encompasses highly trained employees that are ready to assist clients. The customer service line also boasts a 48-hour response time, guaranteeing communication and timely information about exceptional sales, service and maintenance. This is the most valuable service a company can offer, and without it, a business can suffer. Dependability must be beyond question and we are able to offer that to our clients.

Quality crafted, highly functional automatic doors.

Offering a wide variety of door types for various needs, choices include an excellent selection of automatic doors of all types. Our highly knowledgeable expert sales staff will assist all clients in finding the automatic doors that will best suit building design, decor and company needs. Rhinotek Entrance Solutions will be available for consultation until the proper automatic doors for the need are found and customer satisfaction is accomplished.

  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Telescopic Automatic Doors
  • Automatic Swing Doors
  • Automatic Revolving Doors
  • In-Floor Swing Doors
  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Balanced Sliding Doors
  • Manual Revolving Door


Rhinotek Entrance Solutions has mastered the art of providing quality automatic doors and service to customers. We have an excellent support staff in place and they are trained to provide superb customer service. This staff extends beyond the front door into areas such as dispatchers, warehouse personnel, material managers and product delivery technicians. The people in these positions must work together with strong lines of communication in an effort to complete the job process. The automatic doors that are installed by the technicians of Rhinotek Entrance Solutions go through a vigorous process before installation. The quality of the care given to the automatic doors starts long before your order is placed thereby, guaranteeing that all products will reach your business in the best condition.

It is essential to select a company that is well known and highly accredited for being great at what they do. One of the strongest indications that you have found the best company to service your automatic doors needs is to speak with previous or current customers. Rhinotek Entrance Solutions has established a solid bond with our clients which has resulted in a very high retention rate. The best experience is one that you can brag about and that is exactly what will happen when you choose Rhinotek Entrance Solutions. We are eager to give you quality care and educational information regarding your automatic doors installation. There is no room for error involving something as critical as this type of service. The most beneficial aspect of this client and provider relationship is the ability to trust that we always have your best interest in mind. The automatic doors industry has gained that position only because of quality customers who appreciate the value that is given through the services rendered by Rhinotek Entrance Solutions.

Rhinotek Entrance Solutions offers a pleasant experience to all of the contractors and customers through our upscale and intense showroom presentation of automatic doors. We believe that the visual perception that is gained during your browsing and shopping experience helps you reach a more informed decision. At times, there is a need for a bit more guidance and education regarding the types of automatic doors that are available. The knowledgeable service staff is well trained to help you reach an informed decision on which automatic door will best fit your needs. They believe in a no-pressure approach and this produces a more comfortable atmosphere for the prospective client.

Rhinotek Entrance Solutions has earned a strong presence in the industry of automatic doors. Our goal is to always stock, service and supply. In essence, a large selection of automatic doors will remain in stock for the highest quality of service in an effort to always supply your needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the automatic doors industry, we are privy to what it takes to make your automatic doors go ‘round. The level of professionalism and service will never fall short of the highest expectancy. As the customer, you are our first priority.


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